Review Policy

I am a blogger but also a photographer. 
My work is done on two tracks. 
I will post pictures of two types, naturalness high quality photo blogs and artistic photos. In the first case I put in my best to highlight all the elements in the second case I follow my inspiration. Which of the two tracks I choose is given by my feeling of the moment. If an item makes me fall in love deeply usually comes the magic. 
I accept review copies and I try to blog at least one element for each sending creator, but they have to like me. I love items very detailed and cared for. My style is elegant chic, a bit sexy or a bit sweet. But there are exceptions, if the item is nice I let myself be carried.Right now I have many copies of clothing, hard blogging everything, but if the clothes are really beautiful I will make them! You most likely have quickly focus on skin, shoes, accessory and fornitures. I love bags Hair and shoes!!!
I love fashion, i love photography and decor but especially love kindness. I will be happy to work with nice people forever.
After the blog I add photos to my flickr connect to many groups for my and your visibility.
Please creators interested to send the items with a notecar accompanied by surl main shop, for any surl Hunt or fairs and shop flickr. The items are well-equipped with information blogged with a smile. :)

You can contact me in the world with a notecard or by e-mail.
Artemisia Boccaccio

Have a Good day
Arte :)

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