mercoledì 9 gennaio 2019

Dancing at Mama's - Lamb, ArisArisB&W, Blueberry, Friday

Hair: Bliss Variety Pack - Lamb -
Sweater: Incredible Zipper Sweater - ArisArisB&W - (PromoOnlyMarketplace)
Pants: Aria Stylized Leather BlackDark - Blueberry -
Boots: River Boots - friday-

Incredible Zipper Sweater
Promotion 60% Off, Limited Quantities Only marketplace.
this beautiful cardigan closed with zipper is a marvel, you have 21 different options and the possibility of putting the zipper in 8 different metals ... you have crochet fabric in thread, for spring, smooth with broad patents, always so perfect to combine with everything , funny embroidery or asymmetric, animal prints combined with suede leather, very original stitching embroidery, degraded colors and large wool boxes ... great variety of colors ... With very natural wrinkles that adapt it to your body and the area below is created to fit most of your pants and skirts. Try it

21 differrents options
Custom Zipper
For Belleza: Freya, Isis, Venus
For Slink: Physique and Hourglass
For Maitreya

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