martedì 20 marzo 2018

A new second life

Hair:  Itch * Magika
Jewelry: Pearl Rain Jewelry Set/Rose pink * Mandala
Bikini: Skylar Bikini - Pink Polkadots * Layla's (strip sequence)
Short: Short Jeans * ::ROC:: (unmissable price)
Shoes: ::ROC:: Canvas Sneaker! High * ::ROC:: (unmissable price)

After years I look again at the second life. A new body and 1000 new fashion possibilities. New 360-degree mesh. It will be a magnificent adventure.
Today I start blogging a strip swimsuit and some magnificent ROC products.
Good shopping kiss Arte

A beautiful string bikini held together with single sided bows, just asking to be undone. I'm really pleased with how this turned out.
You or someone else can click on the clothes to get a menu. The two main options are to 'Strip More' or 'Dress More'. In a number of steps. 'Dress More' will do the reverse. By default, others can not strip you. They need to be added to the menu system first. There is a 'Public' option, if you feel daring.

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