venerdì 14 febbraio 2014

S.Valentino - News by Cleo Design, StoraxTree, Crystal Line, Aphrodite

"Valentine" Placemate  by Aphrodite
These placemates, in tradition of our festive placemates, bring you a valentines feast day of dishes, something to enjoy and use, for your Romantic dinner on Valentines day, or a romantic evening for two.
It can rezz a dish and a drink together. 
Drinks give the drink as a wearable item to use with your favorite drinking pose.
This Placemate does not include poses, refer to your favorite dining chairs (available from Aphrodite too) but gives utensils. 

Sofa,Table, Chocolates, Cherry Plate, Wine Glasses: Cleo Design Happy Valentine - Montly Gift 
Table: StoraxTree Mesh Harvest Table B
Chair: StoraxTree Mesh Modern Heart Ottoman p - New
Rug: StoraxTree Mesh Modern Expressions Rug 16 - New
Rose: Crystal Line Happy Valentine Glass rose- New
Dishes with food: Aphrodite  "Valentine" Placemate  (1.1)- New

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