mercoledì 19 febbraio 2014

Cello - News by Dad Design, The Feelings, RedMint, Fashiowl, Skifija, For Me!, Essenz

Today I will introduce you some articles to The Feelings, event created by Morgana Brid and Hanstrid Inshan  
The Feelings aims to create a unique space where to accommodate the most creative firms and quality in different categories: clothes, footwear, hair, home, Garden, animations, accessories... etc etc etc...
The event will run from 15th to 25th each month !!

Hat: Dad Design Love Hat red - The Feelings
Hair: RedMint Hair No.18'14 B l a c k s  - New
Cello: Fashiowl Feel The Music Cello - The Feelings
Hands: Skifija Hand v.0.3 - New
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New
Shoes: Essenz Sao Paulo - The Feelings

Dad Design Collection "Symphony Chair" -The Feelings
StoraxTree - Simple Elegance Window Treatment Curtains A
StoraxTree - Modern Expressions Rug 6

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