giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

Finesmith Sirens Screen

Zion and Finesmith Cordially invite you to a most glamorous affair. 
We are celebrating the alluring and captivating "Sirens of the Golden Age of Hollywood". 

Feel like a screen goddess with these wonderful creations by the grid's bests designers. 

Finesmith . Boudoir . Dead Dollz . Shey . Xen's Hats . Glam Dreams . Romace Couture . Rack Poses . Wicked Peach . Loovus Dzevador . Prism .  Guilia Design. Vero Modero . Kosmo . Modern Couture . 

mercoledì 26 febbraio 2014

Italian Flag - News by Catwa, Finesmith, YS&YS, TaraShoes, Skifija, Elephante Poses

Hair: CaTwA Mesh Ruby Hair - New
Necklace and Tiara: in -> Finesmith Angel of hearts - New
Eyes: YS&YS - Ipnotic Eyes Green - New
Dress: CaTwA Kuwait Jessica Dress - New
Shoes: TaraShoes Super Diva Xxtreme Shoes Nude - New
Hands: Skifija Hand v.0.3 - New
Skin: YS & YS Danielle 05 Passion Teeth - New
Pose: Elephante Poses Elizabeth 2 e 3 - New

lunedì 24 febbraio 2014

Lady Gangster - News by Tameless, ArisAris, Finesmith, Pichi, armony, Catwa, Skifija, Belleza, For Me!, Elephante Poses

Hair: Tameless Frankie Naturals - New
Sunglasses: ArisAris AA26 Charismatic Sunglasses Music - The Feeling
Necklace: Finesmith Flames Collar White - New
Bracelets: Pichi Nayla Stud Bracelet - Stuff in Stock
Jumpsuit, Belt and Bag: Armony AA27 Intuition Outfit - New
Shoes: CaTwA Marilena Shoes - New
Hands: Skifija Hand v.0.3 - New
Skin: Belleza Ria Med 2 Dk
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New
Poses: Elephante Poses Elizabeth - New

StoraxTree Modern Glam Heart Mirror d - New

venerdì 21 febbraio 2014

Music Room - News by Frogstar, StoraxTree, NS, Una, Fashiowl Poses, Arcana Antiques & Oddities, Dream Ink, Serenity Style, The Feeling, Gatcha Garden


1. Frogstar Sing to the BirdsCardinal - The Feeling
2. StoraxTree Mod Chic Wall Art Black Dragon Fruit
3. StoraxTreeCountry Comfort Stitched Rose LG Table Lamp - New
4. StoraxTree Kettle and Cups A - New
5. NS Old Stereo (Wearable) - The Feeling
6. StoraxTree Modern Heart Ottoman d - New
7. Una MyEelectrikGuitar BandaBeige (Wearable With Pose) - The Feeling
8. Fashiowl Poses Feel The Music Microphone (With Pose) - The Feeling
9. StoraxTree Modern Expressions Round Rug 2 - New 
10. Serenity Style Stravaganza Love Piano - The Feeling
11. Fashiowl Poses Violin 4 Rare (Wearable With Pose) -  The Feeling
12. StoraxTree Table Top Decor Collection C
13. Serenity Style Memories Shelf Blue and Brown Gatcha - The Feeling
14. Arcana Antiques & Oddities Vintage Jukebox - The Feeling
15. StoraxTree Modern Glam Heart Mirror d - New
16. StoraxTree Renaissance Rustic Armchair Oak Blue - New
17. Fashiowl Poses Feel The Music Cello (Wearable With Pose) - The Feeling
18. StoraxTree Magestic Chipmunk Laptop
19. Dream Ink Design Love Teddy - New
20. Serenity Style Things to do - Blogger Gift
21. Serenity Style Eat the fish Canvas scene Rare - Gatcha Garden
22. StoraxTree Modern Expressions Round Rug 2 - New

mercoledì 19 febbraio 2014

Cello - News by Dad Design, The Feelings, RedMint, Fashiowl, Skifija, For Me!, Essenz

Today I will introduce you some articles to The Feelings, event created by Morgana Brid and Hanstrid Inshan  
The Feelings aims to create a unique space where to accommodate the most creative firms and quality in different categories: clothes, footwear, hair, home, Garden, animations, accessories... etc etc etc...
The event will run from 15th to 25th each month !!

Hat: Dad Design Love Hat red - The Feelings
Hair: RedMint Hair No.18'14 B l a c k s  - New
Cello: Fashiowl Feel The Music Cello - The Feelings
Hands: Skifija Hand v.0.3 - New
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New
Shoes: Essenz Sao Paulo - The Feelings

Dad Design Collection "Symphony Chair" -The Feelings
StoraxTree - Simple Elegance Window Treatment Curtains A
StoraxTree - Modern Expressions Rug 6

martedì 18 febbraio 2014

Red Coat - News by Tameless, WTG, DuckNipple, chronokit, Essenz, For Me!, Elephante Poses

Hair: Tameless Colletta Naturals - New
Lashes: Tameless Lashes New 31
Gloves and Bag: WTG Delicious Heart set - Group Gift
Pants: DuckNipple Mesh: Safety Pants
Coat: Chronokit Mods coat 02 Red  - New
Shoes: Essenz Laguna - With Love Fair
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New

domenica 16 febbraio 2014

Autumn Fairy - News by Catwa, Skifija, Finesmith, Elephante Poses, For Me!, Birdy

Hair: CaTwA Mesh Stella V2 Hair - New
Hands: Skifija Hand v.0.3 - New
Gioielli: Finesmith Floraniana Gold - New
Skin: Birdy Ashley Skin V3Toffee
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New
Pose: Elephante Poses - Amazing Superheroes #6 

venerdì 14 febbraio 2014

S.Valentino - News by Cleo Design, StoraxTree, Crystal Line, Aphrodite

"Valentine" Placemate  by Aphrodite
These placemates, in tradition of our festive placemates, bring you a valentines feast day of dishes, something to enjoy and use, for your Romantic dinner on Valentines day, or a romantic evening for two.
It can rezz a dish and a drink together. 
Drinks give the drink as a wearable item to use with your favorite drinking pose.
This Placemate does not include poses, refer to your favorite dining chairs (available from Aphrodite too) but gives utensils. 

Sofa,Table, Chocolates, Cherry Plate, Wine Glasses: Cleo Design Happy Valentine - Montly Gift 
Table: StoraxTree Mesh Harvest Table B
Chair: StoraxTree Mesh Modern Heart Ottoman p - New
Rug: StoraxTree Mesh Modern Expressions Rug 16 - New
Rose: Crystal Line Happy Valentine Glass rose- New
Dishes with food: Aphrodite  "Valentine" Placemate  (1.1)- New

giovedì 13 febbraio 2014

Circe - News by Tameless, Finesmith, Catwa, Skifija, Birdy, For Me!

Hair: Tameless Hester Naturals - New
Crown, Bracelets, Collar and Earrings: Finesmith Winter - New
Dress: CaTwA  Marilena Dress V2 - New
Skin: Birdy Ashley Skin V3Toffee
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New
Hand: Skifija Hand v.0.3 - New

mercoledì 12 febbraio 2014

Tea Time - News by Catwa, ArisAris, Sassy, N1CO, Birdy, For Me!, Skifija, Essenz, StoraxTree, Crystal Line, The Style Icon Fair

Hair: CaTwA Mesh Rosalina Hair
Glasses: ArisAris AA22 Charismatic Sunglasses Classics - New
Jacket: Sassy Gentle Breeze jacket - The Style Icon Fair
Pants and Belt: N1CO Unisex Kelly Pants - New
Skin: Birdy Ashley Skin V3Toffee
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New
Hand: Skifija Hand v.0.1 - New
Ring: Crystal line Sweet Ring Black
Shoes: Essenz Dallas - The Style Icon Fair

StoraxTree - Royal Heritage Monarch's Armchair Dark Lilac
StoraxTree - Simple Elegance Mesh Braided Bold Colours Rug Mid
StoraxTree - Library Side Table C

lunedì 10 febbraio 2014

Princess - News by eXxEsS, Luas, Crystal Line, Birdy, For Me!, Skifija, Elephante Poses, Fantasy Room

Hair: eXxEsS Dennica - New
Dress, Jewelry and Belt: Luas Cerridwen Blue - Fantasy Room
Ring: Crystal line Sweet Ring Black
Skin: Birdy Ashley Skin V3Toffee
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New
Hand: Skifija Hand v.0.1 - New
PoseElephante Poses Lie To Me #1 - New

Background: by Józef Cesarz in MarcelXYZ's Flickr 

sabato 8 febbraio 2014

Piano - .news by Catwa, WTG, Luas, N1CO, Birdy, For Me!, Skifija, THE KOLLECTIVE

Hair: CaTwA Mesh Sandy Hair  - New
Necklace and Earrings and Bag: WTG luxe set Jan - Group Gift
Dress: Luas Urban Style Neva Dress Plain -  Sucide Doll
Belt: N1CO Liam Belt  - New
Skin: Birdy Ashley Skin V3Toffee
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New
Hand: Skifija Hand v.0.3 - New
Pose: Eternal Dream Kollective 06 - Kollective

StoraxTree - Piano
StoraxTree - Entryway Table F
StoraxTree - Morocco Art Panels D

venerdì 7 febbraio 2014

The little sparrow - Nes by RedMint, Chronokit, N1CO, Pichi, Skifija, Birdy, For Me!, Elephante Poses

Hair: RedMint Hair No.17'14 Pinch Black - New
Scarf: Chronokit Scarf01 Plain White - New
Jacket and Shirt: N1CO Zoe Short Jacket w Shirt - New
Skirt: Pichi JOJ - Hunt Gift
Boots: N1CO Unisex Cowboy Boots - New
Hand: Skifija Hand v.0.4 - New
Skin: Birdy Ashley Skin V3Toffee
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New
Pose: Elephante Poses Lie To Me #2 - New

giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

Waiting Valentine - News by Catwa, ArisAris, Icon Fire, FBD, DuckNipple, Skifija, For Me!, Essences,Tdrf, Hipster Fair, Aphrodite

I love the swings and I have many of them in inventory. I can not resist a beautiful swing, I find them very romantic. It 's delicious, there are very sweet couple poses, and individual poses are very cute with objects very well cared. In short, great texture, great poses, great price I'm happy <3

Hair: CaTwA Mesh Lily V2 Hair - New
Necklace: ArisAris AA8 Pebble Necklace  - Hipster Fair
JacketFireBird Designs Spiked baroque jacket silver - The Kollective
Pants: DuckNipple Mesh: Garde Pants - New
Hand: Skifija Hand v.0.3 - New
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New
Skin: Essences Harper moka blonde - Tdrf

Aphrodite Valentines Couple Swing v1.1 - New

mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014

I'm your Valentine - News by Catwa, Finesmith, The Kollective, ArisAris, Skifija, Birdy, For Me!, Aphrodite, StoraxTree, Serenity, Fantasy Room

Hello fashionistas, I have a great news to celebrate Valentine's Day. Carpet, fireplace and heart-shaped lights are part of a wonderful set of Aphrodite. The carpet has put a lot of couple, toast, cuddling, eating strawberries sexi, they are really valid. I can not wait to spend a romantic evening by the fireplace :). Remember that it is also available in sexy version with very hot poses!

 Pose: EP - Looking Forward #2 - Montly Group Gift

Hair: CaTwA Mesh Bunhawk Hair - New
Hairstick: Finesmith Lovespell Hairstick silver
Necklace and Earrings: GDit Jewelry Blustery Cold Winter - The Kollective
Coat: ArisAris Film Star Black Coat - New
Hand: Skifija Hand v.0.3 - New
Feet: Skifija tip toe bare feet.8.0
Skin: Birdy Ashley Skin V3Toffee
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New

Aphrodite - Valentines Fireplace - New
Aphrodite - Valentine Rug PG (v 1.0) - New
Aphrodite - Heart Lights - New
LDG-Rose Petal Heart Valentine - The Kollective
StoraxTree - Glass Vase Enclosed Flowers B
StoraxTree - Glass Vase Enclosed Flowers A
StoraxTree - Twisty Twigs Vase 
StoraxTree - Round Table w Plant D
Serenity Style - Mistery Canvas Set  - Fantasy Room

domenica 2 febbraio 2014


Something good is happening :)

going back to the roots, with fresh start, starting new road inside the current path.
just 50 pieces of each item in the main store is now offered for 100- 200L a piece! female, male, full sets, special items dresses, everything
* each item in the vendor system limited to 50 pieces for the amount of 100L.-200L
* Item that has sold out will no longer be available for purchase or the vendor will dissappear.
* the move will be close after valentine. and thats when the leftover vendors will.
* new store will not hold all the current items- yet it will all be available on Marketplace
*once the new store is set- releases and group offers will be only there.
* there was not ever sale like that and there will not be again:) go have fun.
* Finesmith is NOT closing- its changing. 
* wish me luck *

<3 yula Finesmith

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