domenica 5 gennaio 2014

My New Sweet Home 2 - Aphrodite, StoraxTree, The Kollective, Serenity, MishMish

As I promised here are some more pictures of my new home! I love it! The table can be prepared for an elegant dinner with friends :). 
The next step will be the kitchen. Are you curious?
Good shopping fashionistas ^.^
big kiss Arte

Aphrodite - "Winter Lovenest" Couple Home - New
StoraxTree - Asian Inspirations Apricot Flowers in Glass
StoraxTree - Asian Inspirations White Orchid in Glass
Serenity Style- Rekka Drawers Book - The Kollective
StoraxTree - White Round Table with Doily
StoraxTree - Simple Elegance Window Treatment ( Curtains )  A
StoraxTree - Country Comfort Rug 319
StoraxTree - Estate Love Seat Country Blue - New

Aphrodite - "Winter Lovenest" Couple Home - New
StoraxTree - Antique White Gold Flower Blanket Chest
MishMish - Counting Sheep White - New
Aphrodite - Heart Homes Luxury Holiday Thanksgiving and Christmas tables:
Aphrodite - Heart Homes Christmas table - New
Aphrodite - Heart Homes animated dining chair - New
Aphrodite - Aphrodite Xmas Centerpiece - New
Aphrodite - Heart Homes silver luxury rug - New

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