venerdì 31 gennaio 2014

Nap - News by Catwa, The Kollective, [BB] Beldezery, Essenz, Skifija, Collabor88, Collective, Style-ish, DbS, Belleza.

Hair: CaTwA Sandy V1 Hair - New
Necklace and Earrings: DbS Victorian Swirl - The Kollective
Bracelets: Bandit Flowerama Bracelet Gold
Shirt: [BB] Beldezery Soft Blouse Desert - New
Pants:[BB] Beldezery Metallic Pants Black - New
Shoes: Essenz Cancun - Collective
Hands: Skifija Hand v.0.3 - New
Skin: Belleza Ria SK 1 Dk - Collabor88
Shape: Style-ish Angie Shape - The Kollective

Fi's Creations - Chaise Lounger LACY  - The Kollective

giovedì 30 gennaio 2014

Painting - News by RedMint, Sassy, [BB] Beldezery, Tabou Irresistible, DuckNipple, Skifija, Birdy, Elephante Poses, StoraxTree, For Me!, Aphrodite

Hair:  RedMint Hair No.16'14 Amber Gold - New
Shirt and Vest: Sassy  Juniper - Hipster Fair
Shorts: [BB] Beldezery Summer Shorts Yellow  - New
Leggins: Tabou Irresistible Anchor Legging 3 - Hipster Fair
Boots: DuckNipple Mesh Alex Boots  - New
Hands: Skifija Hand v.0.3  - New
Skin: Birdy Ashley Skin V3Toffee
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New
Pose: Elephante Poses - Little Red #7  - New

Aphrodite - Winter Lovenest Couple Home - New
StoraxTree - Vintage Screen Rattan A White - Sale
StoraxTree - Modern Expressions Round Rug 1 - Sale
StoraxTree - Feline Treasures - Cream - Black - Sale
StoraxTree - Artistic Endeavours Easel A - New

martedì 28 gennaio 2014

Sauna - News by Tameless, Finesmith, Skifija, Birdy, Tabou Irresistible, For Me!, Aphrodite

Hair: Tameless Elsbeth Naturals - New
Necklace: Finesmith Natali gold necklace - The Fashion Collective
Feet: Skifija tip toe bare feet_v.8.0
Skin: Birdy  Ashley Skin V3 Toffee
Tattoo: Tabou Irresistible Hipster Hope tattoo - New
Shape: For Me! Ashley Shape - New

Aphrodite - Sauna in -> Winter Lovenest Couple Home - New

venerdì 24 gennaio 2014

Behind the mask - News by Skifija, RedMint, Luas, Essenz

Hair: Maitreya Aisha Ebony
Hands: Skifija Hand v.0.2 - New
Bangles:  RedMint Bangles Gold
Dress, Arms Bracelets, Mask and Belt: Luas Tarna Grana  - New
Shoes: Essenz Buenos Aires  - New
Pose: Elephante Poses Dolly #5
Land: Isle of Mousai 

martedì 21 gennaio 2014

Music - News by Tameless, Skifija, Finesmith, Sassy

Hair: Tameless Gia Naturals - New
Hands: Skifija  Hand v.0.1  - New
Necklace and Braccelets: Finesmith Roxaane White - New
Dress: Sassy Radiance gown - green - New
Skin: .Birdy. Ashley Skin

sabato 18 gennaio 2014

Do you have hungry? - News by Catwa, N1CO, Skifija, glam affair, Elephante Poses, Aphrodite

This delightful kitchen has many individual and couple poses. You can cook wonderful dishes and decorate your kitchen. I love it! It is a beautiful element by Aphrodite

Hair: CaTwA Mesh Nancy Hair  - New
Dress:  N1CO French Maid Outfit  - New
Hands: Skifija  Hand v.0.1  - New
Skin: Glam Affair Mokatana America - Xmas Gift
Pose: Elephante Poses - Dolly #3 - New

Aphrodite - Heart Homes The Christmas Stove 
Aphrodite - Winter Lovenest Couple Home - New

lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

The perfect bedroom - News by Aphrodite, StoraxTree, Elephante Poses, Tameless, WTG, 20.Five, Al Vulo, Skifija, Fi's Creations, The Kollective

Aphrodite - Winter Lovenest Couple Home - New
Aphrodite - Luxury Fantasies bedroom Bed (v1.1)
Aphrodite - Luxury Fantasies animated wardrobe
StoraxTree - Morocco Oil Painting in Iron C New
StoraxTree - Morocco Oil Painting in Iron D New
StoraxTree - Morocco Oil Painting in Iron B New
StoraxTree - Glass Vase Enclosed Flowers B
StoraxTree - Glass Vase Enclosed Flowers A

Pose: Elephante Poses - Jump Around #2

Aphrodite - Winter Lovenest Couple Home - New
Aphrodite - Luxury Fantasies bedroom Bed (v1.1)

Aphrodite - Winter Lovenest Couple Home - New
Aphrodite - Luxury Fantasies bedroom Bed (v1.1)
Aphrodite - Luxury Fantasies bedroom sidetable
Aphrodite - Luxury Fantasies bedroom chair
Fi's Creations - Flowers in -> Living Room Set Kathlen - The Kollective

Hair: Tameless Bliss Naturals - New
Necklace: WTG Frost color necklace - Group Gift
Shirt and Slip: 20.Five Mesh Underwear - New
Skin: al vulo- Mimi  holidays dark brow claveage nugat 
Feet: Skifija tip toe bare feet_v.8.0
Pose: Elephante Poses - Roxane 6  - New

venerdì 10 gennaio 2014

CowGirl - N1CO, Chronokit, WTG, RedMint, 20.Five, DuckNipple, Elephante Poses, Aphrodite

Hair and Hat: N1CO Cowboy Hat w Hair black - New
Scarf: Chronokit Scarf01 Check White&Black - New
Gloves: WTG Delta Gloves - New
Bangles: RedMint Silver Bangle - New
Lasso: N1CO Lasso - New
Jacket: 20.Five Mesh: Goldie Jacket - New
Belt: Chronokit  Belt 04 White - New
Pants: Chronokit Parachute Sarouel Pants Striped Black - New
Boots: DuckNipple Mesh: Meine Boots - New
Pose: Elephante Poses Find wai 2 - New
Skin: .Birdy. Ashley Skin

Aphrodite - Winter Lovenest Couple Home - New

giovedì 9 gennaio 2014

My New Sweet Home 3 - Aphrodite, The Kollective, StoraxTree, Serenity, Catwa, Crystal Line, RedMint, Luas, Target, Essenz, Elephante Poses

Aphrodite - Winter Lovenest Couple Home - New
Fi's Creations - Living Room Set Kathlen - The Kollective
StoraxTree - Flowers and Pen w sticky note
Bazar - Cookie plate - Christmas gift 2013
Serenity - Keep calm and ho ho ho
Aphrodite - Luxury Fantasies bedroom rug
Arcana - Vintage Travel Cases Soft - The Kollective
Serenity - Cute Lunch Box-Gathca 2 - The Kollective
StoraxTree - Asian Inspirations Apricot Flowers in Glass

Hair: CaTwA  Mesh Elsa - New
Necklace: Crystal Line Riboon Necklace- X,mas2013 Limited
Bag: Indy&Co.: Snakeskin Clutch-Gold
Bangles: RedMint Bangles Gold - New
Dress: Luas Urban Style Yali Dress Basic Colors - New
Shoes: Essenz Buenos Aires - New
Skin: TaRget Nuha Skin Tone 2 - Gift for you here
Pose:  D!va  Pose * ni *
Elephante Poses - Holding On To You 1 - New
Elephante Poses - Holding On To You 2 - New

Aphrodite - Winter Lovenest Couple Home - New
Serenity - Hope your dreams
Serenity - All that i want
Serenity - Bird Box RARE
StoraxTree - Wall Vine B Blue Square Tall Planter L w chipmunk

domenica 5 gennaio 2014

My New Sweet Home 2 - Aphrodite, StoraxTree, The Kollective, Serenity, MishMish

As I promised here are some more pictures of my new home! I love it! The table can be prepared for an elegant dinner with friends :). 
The next step will be the kitchen. Are you curious?
Good shopping fashionistas ^.^
big kiss Arte

Aphrodite - "Winter Lovenest" Couple Home - New
StoraxTree - Asian Inspirations Apricot Flowers in Glass
StoraxTree - Asian Inspirations White Orchid in Glass
Serenity Style- Rekka Drawers Book - The Kollective
StoraxTree - White Round Table with Doily
StoraxTree - Simple Elegance Window Treatment ( Curtains )  A
StoraxTree - Country Comfort Rug 319
StoraxTree - Estate Love Seat Country Blue - New

Aphrodite - "Winter Lovenest" Couple Home - New
StoraxTree - Antique White Gold Flower Blanket Chest
MishMish - Counting Sheep White - New
Aphrodite - Heart Homes Luxury Holiday Thanksgiving and Christmas tables:
Aphrodite - Heart Homes Christmas table - New
Aphrodite - Heart Homes animated dining chair - New
Aphrodite - Aphrodite Xmas Centerpiece - New
Aphrodite - Heart Homes silver luxury rug - New

mercoledì 1 gennaio 2014

My New Sweet Home 1 - News By Tameless, Serenity, DuckNipple, N1CO, Pichi, Elephante Poses, Aphrodite, StoraxTree, LDG, THE KOLLECTIVE

Artemisia has changed home, her new nest is a sweet winter residence by Aphrodite
In this photo you can see the romantic patio, a crackling fire behind the Christmas rocking couple.
The house has lovely rooms, also a sauna.
In the next pictures I'll show you the rooms and their furnishings. You can not miss them! ;)
Good shopping fashionistas

Hair: Tameless Lotus Naturals - New
Bag: Serenity Cute Lunch Box Gatcha 1 - The Kollective
ShirtDuckNipple Mesh: Sjaal - New
Pants: N1CO Zoe Shorts w Studs Straps Pocket Bags,Hud - New
Shoes: Pichi  Tonita High Top [black] - New
Pose: Elephante Poses Winter Breeze #3 - New

Aphrodite "Winter Lovenest" Couple Home - New
Aphrodite Winter Couple Swing v1.1 - New
StoraxTree - Snowman and Tree - New
LDG-Happy New Year "Shimenawa" Wreath_cream - The Kollective