venerdì 1 novembre 2013

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (5) - News by N1CO, Essenz, pose+ivity, RunAway, The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF

Flair For Events presents:
The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
November 3-23, 2013

Rockabilly is not a style it's a way of life!

Hello fashionistas :) here for you a wonderful full sexy outfits happy days style! I love it! And as promised so many Rockabilly land pictures in the preview  ... it is delicious :). 
Congratulations to those who built it!

Hair: RunAway LocknRoll Hair Blondes - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Lip Gloss: FY Lickable Gloss berry
Glasses: artilleri gladys glasses red
Bracelets: Artilleri lulu2 red bracelet 
Shirt and Skirt: N1CO Black Betty Outfit - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Shoes: Essenz - Paris Red
Tattoo: Artilleri maggie tattoo 

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