lunedì 11 novembre 2013

Home sweet home - News by eXxEsS, WTG, Luas, Sassy, Essenz, MudHoney, StoraxTree, Serenity, Collabor88, She&Him

Hair: eXxEsS POLABIA - New
Earrings: WTG Wild-Leopard Ear-pierces - New
Bangles: WTG Wild-Leopard Bangles - New
Belt and Necklace: Celeste Belt and Celeste Necklace Red in -> Luas Celeste Red
Dress: Sassy   Daydream maxi dress - Shi&Him
Shoes: Essenz Los Angeles - She&Him

MudHoney Eva Livingroom - Collabor88:
-MudHoney Eva Ottoman Leather
-MudHoney Eva Chair Leather
-MudHoney Eva Corner Leather
-MudHoney Eva Coffee Table
-MudHoney Eva Rug
-MudHoney Eva Art
-MudHoney Eva Books
StoraxTree - Hearth and Home Fireplace C
StoraxTree - Asian Inspiration Waterfall Art Panels
StoraxTree - Deer Trophy & Deer Skin Rug with Cuban Cigars
StoraxTree - Snail and Mushroom Orange Whimsy Table Top Decor
StoraxTree - Native Giraffe Whimsy Brown Statue
StoraxTree - Native Giraffe Whimsy Colour Trio
StoraxTree - Asian Inspirations Apricot Flowers in Glass
StoraxTree - Wicker Tray Mid - Tea and Crumpets
Serenity Cute Bear - Gacha Bears 50L
Serenity Recycled Paper Bag Rare - 40L each or 150 for all colors
HPMD - Pillow
The Loft - Books

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