giovedì 28 novembre 2013

Winter Garden - News by Castellian, chronokit, Finesmith, RedMint, Luas, Pichi, Elephante Poses, Serenity

I love this outfit and this winter garden! The fabulous coat with shirt and shoes are special items for Winter Trend Fair by Luas. The Winter Trend Fair runs from 29 nov to 6 December.
The collar comes with Hud with many colors and different arrangements of pendants is a beautiful New for RedMint. Pichi offers fabulous jeans with very detailed textures in special price for Stuff in Stock .Instead, the blond hair is a new by Castellian. There are things for all tastes and all purses. The conservatory furniture is unmissable offer by Serenity. Look at the poses, they are new by Elephante Poses
Good shopping fashionistas! :)

Hair: Castellian Maria Hair Platinum - New
Sunglasses: Chronokit Glasses03
Ring: Finesmith  Playcube Rring Orange
Collar: RedMint Posture V-Collar No.09 - New
Jacket: Luas Urban Style - Bera Shawls - Winter Trend Fair
Shirt: Luas Urban Style - Crop Sweater Green - Winter Trend Fair
Pants: Pichi Manola 2 Skinny Jeans Dark Blue - Stuff in Stock
Shoes: Luas Urban Style - Lucilla Shoes Brown - Winter Trend Fair
Pose: Elephante Poses The Hunger Games 3, 4 - New

The full Serenity Kira Greenhouse - New 250 L
Included armchair, rug, puf, table with decor cushions, fireplace and 2 Xmas stickers to decor.

lunedì 25 novembre 2013

Flocks of black birds as exiles thoughts - News by Catwa, WTG, N1CO, [BB] Beldezery, DuckNipple, Elephante Pose

Hair: CaTwA  Mesh Evie Hair [1] - New
Necklace and EarringsWTG Welcome gift 06 - Gift
Jacket with Shirt: N1CO Off Shoulder Cardigan w Shirt  - New
Skirt: [BB] Beldezery Leather Skirt Pink - New
Leggins with Shoes: DuckNipple Mesh Sappy Legs w Hud - New
Bag: WTG Mesh Fairy in the light I white
Pose: Elephante Poses Goody Two Shoes Gacha 8 and 2 - New

sabato 23 novembre 2013

The First Snow - News by eXxEsS, Tabou Irresistible, Finesmith, DuckNipple, N1CO, Essenz, Elephante Poses

After a few days of terror, the broken computer and the new notebook that is not calculated shadows on sl grrrrrr .... I am now ready again for the many beautiful photographs! Wonderful news these days.... 
Good shopping fashionistas

Hair: eXxEsS Lada - New
Makeup: Tabou Irresistible Smokey Eyes - New
Earrings: GoK- Long Feather Earrings
Necklace: Finesmith November - Gift  - New
Jacket: DuckNipple Mesh Wacko Jacket Hud - New
Pants: N1CO Unisex Cargo Pants V3 Mesh Bagged - New
BagPiCHi - Chandra Knuckle Clutch red/black
Shoes: Essenz London - The Designer Circle
Pose: Elephante Poses Falling For You 5  - New
                 Elephante Poses Leave The Lights On 5 - New

mercoledì 20 novembre 2013

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (9) - News By The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF), Pelle, Indyra, Tabou Irresistible, KnocKeRs, RedMin

Flair For Events presents:
The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
November 3-23, 2013

Rockabilly is not a style it's a way of life!

Hello fashionistas, time is running out ... do not miss the last hours of Rockabilly Fashion Fair !!!

Hair: Pelle Afrodite Mesh Hair Black Red - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Bracelets: RedMint
Shirt and Pants: Indyra Raucous Set - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Tattoo: Tabou Irresistible Rock Star Upper Tattoo - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Shoes: KnocKeRs Date Night Stilettos - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Pose and Guitar: Tabou Irresistible Guitar King The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)

mercoledì 13 novembre 2013

Dreaming - News by Castellian, Luas, DuckNipple, TaraShoes, Serenity

Hair: Castellian Chloe Hair - Chestnut - New
Bag: Glow studio Sex & The City Bag Grey
Cape: Luas Urban Style - Hippy Capes - New
Dress: DuckNipple Mesh: Ezel Dress - New
Shoes: Tara Catchy shoes Black - New

Serenity Flowers DayBed
Serenity Style - Cute Hangcoat
Serenity Style Papers Basket

martedì 12 novembre 2013

Golden Light - News by Finesmith, N1CO, Essenz, Catwa, Tabou Irresistible, StoraxTree, The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF), She&Him

Hair: CaTwA  Mesh Selena Hair 1 - New
Necklace, Bangles and Earrings: Finesmith  Geula Gold - New
Corset: N1CO Emi Corset - New
Shoes: Essenz  Los Angeles - at this moment only in She&Him

StoraxTree - Vintage Stained Glass Room Divider MTree white
StoraxTree - Estate Mod Tropical Rug
StoraxTree - Antique White Forest Flower Tall Dresser
StoraxTree - Asian Inspirations Apricot Flowers in Glass

lunedì 11 novembre 2013

Home sweet home - News by eXxEsS, WTG, Luas, Sassy, Essenz, MudHoney, StoraxTree, Serenity, Collabor88, She&Him

Hair: eXxEsS POLABIA - New
Earrings: WTG Wild-Leopard Ear-pierces - New
Bangles: WTG Wild-Leopard Bangles - New
Belt and Necklace: Celeste Belt and Celeste Necklace Red in -> Luas Celeste Red
Dress: Sassy   Daydream maxi dress - Shi&Him
Shoes: Essenz Los Angeles - She&Him

MudHoney Eva Livingroom - Collabor88:
-MudHoney Eva Ottoman Leather
-MudHoney Eva Chair Leather
-MudHoney Eva Corner Leather
-MudHoney Eva Coffee Table
-MudHoney Eva Rug
-MudHoney Eva Art
-MudHoney Eva Books
StoraxTree - Hearth and Home Fireplace C
StoraxTree - Asian Inspiration Waterfall Art Panels
StoraxTree - Deer Trophy & Deer Skin Rug with Cuban Cigars
StoraxTree - Snail and Mushroom Orange Whimsy Table Top Decor
StoraxTree - Native Giraffe Whimsy Brown Statue
StoraxTree - Native Giraffe Whimsy Colour Trio
StoraxTree - Asian Inspirations Apricot Flowers in Glass
StoraxTree - Wicker Tray Mid - Tea and Crumpets
Serenity Cute Bear - Gacha Bears 50L
Serenity Recycled Paper Bag Rare - 40L each or 150 for all colors
HPMD - Pillow
The Loft - Books

venerdì 8 novembre 2013

Bowling - News By Ploom, Etham, Geek, Shock, Muka, Zentro, LouLou&Co, Sassy, FY, Modish, Ploom and The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)

Flair For Events presents:
The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
November 3-23, 2013

Rockabilly is not a style it's a way of life!

Hair: Ploom Chelsea Female Hair -The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Hair Flower: Moda Anna Hibiscus Flower -The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Glasses: Etham Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses Black w/ White Dots -The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Hand accessory: Geek Rock a Knucks Cherry Pak -The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Nails: Shock Shockabilly Dots Nails Almond Series -The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Bracelets: Muka Nautical Wristband Black -The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Tattoo: Zentro TRFF Tattoo 1 -The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Necklace: LouLou&Co Necklace Buddy Rock -The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Pants: Sassy RockaDoll capris -The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Shoes: FY  Billie Wedges -The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Skin: Modish LolaCherry Dune Light brows - -The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)

giovedì 7 novembre 2013

Budgies - News by Castellian, Luas, Essenz, StoraxTree

Hair: Castellian  Rebecca Hair - Raven - New
Necklace: Luas Urban Style - Bitacora Necklace - Bitacora Travel Fair
Dress: Luas  Urban Style - Sahara Dress Blue - Bitacora Travel Fair
Shoes:  Essenz - Milano

StoraxTree Bird Cage with Parakeets

lunedì 4 novembre 2013

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (6) - News by Little Bones, Zentro, HollyWeird, Mad Echo, WoW Skins, pose+ivity, The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF), Z.S, geek

Flair For Events presents:
The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
November 3-23, 2013

Rockabilly is not a style it's a way of life!

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair  is open!!! 
I remind you that the articles are exclusive to the fair you can only find them! Run run run! Finally I can say ...... good shopping fashionistas!!! XD

Earrings: :Z.S: Cherry Earings - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Cigarets:  [geek.] Smokes -HonkyTOnk Filter -  The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Necklace: HollyWeird Heartbreaker  Mesh Necklace - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Body: Mad Echo Bow Bodysuit Red - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Top: [NV] Ion Knot Top Rockabilly - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Pants: [NV] 650 Jeans Rockabilly - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Shoes: [NV] Hell Heels Tartan Red - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Tattoo: Zentro TRFF Tattoo 2 - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Shape: WoW Skins Cherry Skin & shape - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)

venerdì 1 novembre 2013

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (5) - News by N1CO, Essenz, pose+ivity, RunAway, The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF

Flair For Events presents:
The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
November 3-23, 2013

Rockabilly is not a style it's a way of life!

Hello fashionistas :) here for you a wonderful full sexy outfits happy days style! I love it! And as promised so many Rockabilly land pictures in the preview  ... it is delicious :). 
Congratulations to those who built it!

Hair: RunAway LocknRoll Hair Blondes - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Lip Gloss: FY Lickable Gloss berry
Glasses: artilleri gladys glasses red
Bracelets: Artilleri lulu2 red bracelet 
Shirt and Skirt: N1CO Black Betty Outfit - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Shoes: Essenz - Paris Red
Tattoo: Artilleri maggie tattoo