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The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (4) - News by K-Code, MoDANNA, Crystal Line, The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF), StoraxTree

Flair For Events presents:
The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
November 3-23, 2013

Rockabilly is not a style it's a way of life!

In recent days I have proposed some previews of products you will find in Rockabilly Fashion Fair. Now the time of 'opening draws near, it is time to take some more news!
The team at Flair For Events has prepared a fabulous location course themed Rockabilly. Soon I'll show you some of the pictures taken in land.
The sim is divided into 4 parts A, B, C, D. At the center of each side is a Landing Point.
Every shopkeeper has created exclusive items for men and women! They can only be found at the Fair! I say that they are stunning ... I love this style and I'm really excited to be able to show what these fantastic creators have done!
It is almost stay tuned for more news. In queues at at the post you can find a map and the Landing Point. I recommend you do not go before the opening, the land is now closed! ;p

Hair: K-Code Claudia Dark Brown&Black - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)
Jewels: Crystal Line Pearl Diamond White Set Pack 
Dress and Veil: MoDANNA Froufrou Dress - The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (TRFF)

StoraxTree Rustic Plate Collection Display A 
StoraxTree Country Comfort Wood / White / Gold Console Table
StoraxTree Kulinaire Kitchen Utencils & Scale
StoraxTree Namaste Ceramic Jar and Bowls
StoraxTree Weathered Teapot Planter Petunias Pink

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair - Part A
Sponsored by Unorthodox & Sassy

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair - Part B
Sponsored by Belleza, Loulou & Co and Blueberry

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair - Part C
Sponsored by Razor & Ducknipple

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair - Part D
Sponsored by Ploom, paper.doll & NV Madworld

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