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Lately I have the pleasure of blogging beautiful furniture. One of the shops that I love blogging is StoraxTree. The creator has a taste very similar to mine and I'm really delighted with the details of her objects.  Materially  the special thing is that they have very few prims and meshes and textures are amazing! Now I have definitely fallen in love with this brand!
Today I show you the suggestions that the objects of Halloween have suggested to me. A sexy witch who is about to shoot his terrible magic! Buhahahahahaha XD  Taxi

A new raund for The Kollective, many discounted items gathered for you. I recommend you go for a walk, see with your eyes there are really delicious things. Today I show you Dad Design Halloween Tree.  It is tall tree full of shiny cobwebs and decorated with pumpkins. Do you think it's over? Noooo;) From the tree fall physical pumpkins! And they also make a lot of noise! Tuuuump! Watch his head when you walk under that terrifying tree!!! XD  Taxi
This place is fun. It is the reconstruction Harry Potter's Diagon Alley . It is very well built and there are many magic shops! I took a few of the linden Gacha a magic wand and a frog ... I was lucky I won a rare frog dressed as a king! XD
You then walk around and see witches, wizards and elves also carrying books! Do not miss it, really it is a lovely little event! I likkkkkkkkkkkke this place! Taxi

Good shopping Fashionistas!

Hat: Minerva" Witch's Hat Black/Gold/
Hair: Castellian Clair Hair Ajado - New
Lipstick: For Me! - Super Gloss Lipstick Orange - New
Tattoo: Shock Queen of Hell Eyes Tattoo Black - New
Frog: BB Wizarding Frog Prince Rare Gacha Wizarding Faire 2013
Necklace: WTG Autumn Babies Long Necklace - Lucky Board Prize 10L
Bracelets: WTG BamboO bangle
Wand: Swish and Flick by Boom Black Walnut 12 1/8 inch wand Gacha Wizarding Faire 2013
Lingerie: Sassy  Webbed - black
Babydoll: PiCHi   Ann Babydoll black - Stuff In Stock
Stockings with mesh Foot: Skifija Feet 2+2 Stocking Taste of night - New

StoraxTree Jack O Lantern Scarecrow and Bare Tree Steals & Deals 50L
StoraxTree  Stone Outdoor Lighting - Haunted New
StoraxTree  Jack O Lantern Scarecrow with Pumpkins My 60L Secret 
StoraxTree  Horrorfest Candles and Skull Horrorfest Hunt
StoraxTree Defender of the Gate Decor New
StoraxTree Autumn Hay Cart A New
StoraxTree Jack O Lantern Scarecrow and Calico Cat New
StoraxTree Jack O Lantern Scarcrow Benches New
Dad Design Halloween Tree - The Kollective

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