venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

Persefone - Finesmith, Tameless, For Me!, Sassy, Skifija, StoraxTree

Beautiful Stockings with Mesh Foot by Skifija
This package includes Tip-Toe Bare Feet and stockings.
Mesh Feet has mobility in conjunction with the ankle.
Also Feet and stockings are suitable for all kinds of shoes series 2 +2 from Skifija.
Included Stockings - High quality 9 textures of varying density and pattern.

Hair Decor: Finesmith Black Bride - October Gift
Hair: Tameless Daphne - New
Lipstick: For Me! - Super Gloss Lipstick Red - New
Necklace: Finesmith Vibe Necklace SilverNew
Bracelet and Earrings: FinesmithAwake Silver - New
Bodysuit: Sassy  Unzip Me bodysuit - Gacha
Stockings with Mesh Foot: Skifija Feet 2+2 Stocking Taste of night - New

Candlesticks: StoraxTree Serene Candles Multi Antique Water Basin
StoraxTree Serene Candles in Royal Antique Water Basin
Sofa: StoraxTree Royal Heritage Sofa Crimson Dark
Rugs: StoraxTree Estate Persian Rug7, Estate Persian Rug16
Armature: StoraxTree DarK Knight Suit of Armour Decor - 55L Thursday
Books: Relic "Biblio" Floor Stack of old tomes

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