domenica 6 ottobre 2013

Magical Nights Witch - News by Gizza and Castellian

GizzA News
Gizza presents us with a wonderful outfits that inspired me Magical Nights Witch and Witches' Sabbath. Optimal meshes and textures for a dream dress for halloween or not. As always available in various colors.
Outfit contains Cloak and Trasparent normal mode in various sizes, Necklace and Earrings, Mesh Skirt and Top Shirt Layer. Taxi

Castellian New Brand in SL
Today I will introduce you a beautiful new brand Castellian. He created beautiful hair mesh and I'm sure there plenty of surprises!I foresee a brilliant future for this willing and talented creator.
I used a hair bright red for my photography, but all the colors are worthy of note. In particular I would like to emphasize the realistic nuances that has succeeded in giving to the black color, it is often dull and lacking in depth in a lot of hair. Soon present a photo with a beautiful black hair to show you. Taxi

Good shopping  fashionistas !!!

Hair: Castellian Rachel Hair Ajado - New
Complete Outfit: GizzA Donna Gown Black - New

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