mercoledì 23 ottobre 2013

In My Garden - News by eXxEsS, RedMint, Luas, Chronokit, StoraxTree, Serenity

Hot sale, up to 75% price cut RedMint for all Fashion items! October 22nd -November 5th 2013
Do not miss discount from RedMint run in sim and do shopping sprees, you can find skins, clothes, shoes, accessories all acontato 75% auuuuuu. Taxi

Seerenity to really outdone himself this time, the item is delicious! A carpet of autumn leaves very romantic surmounted by a wooden gazebo decorated with festoons. Perfect to sit and do cuddling or for dancing sweetly. I love it! You can find it at MadLabyrinth event and just for 5L!!!!! Taxi

Chronokit put out a sweatshirt beautiful, as always meshes are amazing. Whenever there is a new release I have the mouth watering. The sweatshirt has a large hood and is available in many colors. Go and see all the colors in the store will not regret it! Taxi

Good Shopping Feshionistas!!! :)

Hair: eXxEsS Syra - New
Hat: RedMint Hat Emo v.02 - Discount 75% price
Bag: Luas Urban Style Sienna Bag - Boho Culture Fair 20 L
Jacket: Chronokit Hoodie01 cow - New
UnderShirt: RedMint TuleBodySuit No.1 - Discount 75% price
Jeans: RedMint Jeans Side Drop No.5 - Discount 75% price
Boots: RedMint Shoe UggStyle Boot No.01 - Discount 75% price
Skin: Glam Affair Neva Jamaica 

StoraxTree Kotyou Fountain - Quiet Waters
StoraxTree Simple Elegance White Wood Bench w Anim & Shadow
StoraxTree Buddah Sitting Statue
Serenity Halooween Gazebo - MadLabyrinth
Botanical Autumn Sugar Maple

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