venerdì 27 settembre 2013

Classic - Tameless, ArisAris, For Me!, lavanda chic,SLX, StoraxTree

Fabulous style furniture
Today I present a new furniture store "StoraxTree." Beautiful mesh and textures, a few prims style delicious. I have much more of StoraxTree to show it to you. Stay tuned ;)

For Me!
It is now quite a few that work as a photographer and blogger, during this time I had to create items that I could not find on the web to enrich or complete my artistic visions. Now I have decided to put on sale a little at a time. I hope you like them too :)
Today I show you a picture of the painter who inspired my name Artemisia Gentileschi "Penitent Mary Magdalene".
Good shopping fashionistas !!! :) 

Hair: Tameless Opal - Naturals - New
Glasses: ArisAris Igs95 Azahara Fantasy Glasses - New
Lipstick: For Me! Sper Gloss Lipstick Red - New
Bag: LavandaChic*Everyday bag D
Jewelry: Miel Uva Set - Past Gift
Little Necklace, Dress, Bracelets and Boots: SLX Outfit Autumn '13 Promo 50%off L$95

Painting: For Me! - Penitent Mary Magdalene - New
Chair: StoraxTree Elegant Dining Solids Red - Super Sales Weekend 50L
Nightstand: StoraxTree Royal Heritage Night Stand B - Super Sales Weekend 50L
Rug: StoraxTree Estate Persian Rug4 - Monday Mania 50L

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