mercoledì 29 maggio 2013

The Swing - News By WTG, RedMint, Sassy, Crystal Line and TaraShoes.

Tara Shoes created a new fantastic shoes with a heel-boggling 
and very very sexy stockings with textur exchangeable. 
For continuing the Sexy theme the new Red Mint's top, it is available in various fabrics 
and with a hud to change colors, the fit is perfect 
 I love it!
The Jewels are new creation By WTG realy fine creations, the set contains Necklace, Earrings, two Bracelets and Nails, they are a hud for change the gemstone colors.
Good shopping Fashionistas!

Hair: TRUTH Astrid - espresso
Jewels and Nails: +:+WTG+:+  Airy Set - NEW
Top: (Red) Mint (Dwindle)Top~No.01 - NEW
Vest: R.icielli - SCARLLET vest /spring 
Shorts: ~Sassy!~  Cuffed denim shorts - The Garage Designer Fair 2013
Belt: ((Crystal Line)) Diana Dress BELT
Shoes: {TARAshoes} Dellik High Leg Shoes Red - NEW

martedì 28 maggio 2013

In My Mind - Beautiful Items By eXxEsS, American Bazaar and WTG

Hair: eXxEsS : PERUN chestnut  - NEW
Necklace:  +:+WTG+:+  **e-Cross** necklace 
Jacket:  [American Bazaar]  James Jacket L Black  - NEW
Shirt: [American Bazaar]  James shirt M Red  - NEW
Jeweled Nails +:+WTG+:+  **Naga Raja-m** jeweled nail 

domenica 26 maggio 2013

Romantic Night - News By Tameless, Sassy, Crystal Line, Shock, E-Clipse and BDS.

Hair: Tameless Hair Shakira - NEW
Dress: ~Sassy!~  Tryst dress, pink - The Boobies Show
Jewels: ((Crystal Line))Elegance Pearl - NEW
Nails: Shock  Scratch nails - Almond Series - NEW
Shoes: E-Clipse  G-!nspiration - NEW
Bag: {{BSD Design Studio}}Fashion  Blogger Bag - TDR

sabato 25 maggio 2013

Spring Walk 7 - News By WTG, Shock, American Bazaar, Sassy and E-Clipse.

Jewelry: +:+WTG+:+  *Antique Clover*- New lucky board
Bag:  +:+WTG+:+ [MESH] **Hot Heart** baggage - Velentine Gift
Nails: Shock Scratch nails - Almond Series - NEW
Skirt: [American Bazaar]  MeshBooba Skirt L Latex - Boobies Show May 
Shirt: ~Sassy!~  Cali Cutie top M - lime - The Garage Designer Fair 2013
Shoes: E-Clipse  G-!nspiration - NEW

martedì 21 maggio 2013

Help Meeeee - News By eXxEsS, Finesmith, RedMint, American Bazaar, Shock and Acid Form.

Hair: eXxEsS Nawia midnight - NEW
Bracelet: Finesmith  Bangbang Bracelet platinum - NEW
Necklace: Finesmith Bangbang Necklace platinum - NEW
Sunglasses: Finesmith  Bangbang Sunglasses platinum - NEW
Boots: (Red) Mint (LegWarmer) Platform Boots~No.08 - 100 block
Dress: [American Bazaar] MESH Hottie Dress M Rainbow - 100 block
Nails: Shock Scratch nails - Almond Series - NEW
Skin: **SHINE** Nina Magenta/Tan/C2 
Shape: Acid Form  Rebeka Shape - NEW
Bag: {VCO Gotcha}  Rose Bag 7

lunedì 20 maggio 2013

Spring walk 6 - News By Tameless, Crystal Line and ArisAris. Gift By Shock and Ricielli.

Hair: Tameless Galina - Naturals - NEW
Jewelry: ((Crystal Line)) Elegance Pearl - NEW
Dress: ArisAris Igs67 Curly Outfit - NEW
Nails: Shock Fever Nails Xxl - Right Hand - Group Gift
Bag: Ricielli  - YUSE bag -red - Love Mommy Hunt

domenica 19 maggio 2013

Spring walk 5 - News by eXxEsS, Finesmith, Shock, American Bazaar, Acid Form

Hair: eXxEsS : INDRA midnight - NEW
Jewelry: Finesmith  Bangbang Set - NEW
Bag: Ricielli - 2.55 Classic bag /fresh - Halloween Hunt
Nails: Shock Scratch nails - Almond Series - - NEW
Dress: [American Bazaar]MESH Judy Dress M Aqua - NEW
Shape: Acid Form Rebeka Shape - NEW
Skin: .::WOW Skins::. Chiara Deeptan natural CL

lunedì 13 maggio 2013

Spring walk 4 - News By Tameless, RedMint, WTG, Shock and Sassy.

Oh My Gooooooood!!!! Love Love Love this hair and outfit!!!!
The new boots Red Mint have a wonderful hud 
it changes the color of the bow, the legwarmer and the boot.
You can find the perfect color combination for your clothes! 
I would also like draw your attention the new sassy jacket ... fabulous!
Good shopping fashionista!

Hair: Tameless  Eileen - Naturals - NEW
Glasses: JD - Sunglasses Vitaminik White
Clutch: "LoQ" Yakut Clutch
Boots: (Red) Mint ~(LegWarmer) Platform Boots~No.01  NEW
Necklace, Earrings and Bagles: +:+WTG+:+  , Isis Set - May Group Gift 2013
Nails: Shock Scratch nails - Almond Series - NEW
Jacket: ~Sassy!~ Spring Jacket M - navy - The 100 Block Fair
Skirt: ~Sassy!~ Tweed skirt M - pink - NEW

venerdì 10 maggio 2013

Spring Day - News By ArisAris, Tameless, Pichi, Shock and Finesmith.

Outfit: ArisAris Igs44 Ayrton - NEW
Boots: ::GB::Leather boots Male - Group Gift

Hair: Tameless  Tansy - Naturals - NEW
Dress: ArisAris  Igs61 Splashes Malva - NEW
Lipstick: ::PiCHi::. Vogue Lipstick [black] - NEW
Nails: Shock Fever Nails XXL - NEW
Bracelet: Finesmith - Shame Bracelet Black
Necklace: Finesmith Mechanic Necklace Men - Group Gift
Shoes:  ArisAris Igs64 Cloud Black NEW

martedì 7 maggio 2013

Spring walk 3 - News by Tameless, Splash, Crystal Line, Acid Form, Pichi, chronokit, American Bazaar and TaraShoes

Left Outfit
Hair: Tameless Muriel - Naturals - NEW
Eyes Makeup: Ricielli - Black Eyes Item 14 - Easter Hunt
Necklace: SplashStarwberry Necklace - NEW
Bracelet: [Mandala] Takarabangle Silver Red
Dress: ((Crystal Line)) Diana Dress BlueFlower - NEW
Bag: (Milk Motion) suede clutch
Shoes: ((Crystal Line)) Diana Sandal MatBlue - NEW
Skin: - Glam Affair - Sakura BL - TDR 27
Shape: Acid Form Rebeka Shape - NEW

Right Outfit
Hair: Tameless Katarina - Naturals - NEW
Lipstick: .::PiCHi::. Vogue Lipstick [gorgeus red] - NEW
Makeup: Ricielli- Black Etes Item 14 - Easter Hunt
Necklace: Finesmith  Guilt collar
Pants: *chronokit*  Painter Sarouel Pants Check Red [Middle] - NEW
Top: [American Bazaar] MESH Sunny Top S Peach - NEW
Nails: ((Crystal Line)) Prim Nail no Jewell Shinobu
Bag: Ricielli Mesh - Gia clutch(2)/camel Item 9 - Easter Hunt
Shoes: {TARAshoes}  KOURTNEY TOP Shoes Nude - NEW
Skin: (Red) Mint (2) R O T (frckl) ~ tanSKIN
Shape: Acid Form  Anna - NEW

mercoledì 1 maggio 2013

Spring walk 2 - News By Tameless, Splash, American Bazaar and Acid Form.

Hair: TamelessViola, Naturals - NEW
Glasses: Splash  - Bee Glasses 
Necklace: Finesmith  Lika necklace - May Gift
Jacket:  [American Bazaar]  MeshBella Jacket S Pink - NEW
Skirt: ~Sassy!~  Spank Me vinyl skirt S, white - WCF Monthly even
Bag: Ricielli Mesh - Cowhide Tote Leather Bag, or/yellow - Ester Hunt
Skin: al vulo - Aisha* Barbie dark brow bisquit - Group Gift
Shape: Acid Form , Anna - NEW