domenica 17 marzo 2013

New Items By Crystal Line, Shock, Tameless and ArisAris

WoooW - ArisAris has created for Relay for Life beautiful exclusive clothes. I show you one of my favorites in this photograph, adorned by new jewelry shine CristalLine and with Shock nails with 3D decorations. Hair is one of the latest  Tameless creations, hair have the opportunity to do a bunch of different color, you then choose a lighter shade of your color use a contrasting color for true Punk.
Now a bit 'of information on:
Fashion For Life - runs from noon March 9th, 2013 to noon March 17th, 2013. Fashion For Life SURL
Pink Fusion - March 15 - April 15 Depraved Nation is hosting Pink Fusion.  A 5L Hunt for Ladies! Sponsored by Razorblade Jacket, 1 Hundred, AlterEgo & Sassy! this hunt will include 50 hand picked stores offering some truly amazing creations. WEBSITE

Jewelery: ((Crystal Line))  Mabe pearl Accessory set Champagne gold - NEW
Nails: Shock So Cute Nails - Pink Fusion HUNT 2013
Hair: Tameless Tess - Naturals - NEW
Dress: ArisAris Zipper Striped Dress Black - Relay for life Exclusives
Hair Flower: Splash Charm Pink Flower Headband
Bag: Indy&Co.: Marina Shoulder Tote: Bubble

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