venerdì 31 agosto 2012

News in Stores: Crank Design, Tameless, Crank, MiWardrobe, Armony, flaunt

New Wonderful Items :)

Skin: .::CENSORED::. Doll Skin  Group Gift 
Hair: Tameless Daisy - Blondes NEW
Skirt and Shirt: in -> *Crank Design * New Outfit Greta NEW
Earrings:  MiWardrobe Accesories - Cabala Earrings - Silver - B NEW
Shoes: Armony Rig72 Extreme Heels Silver NEW
Tatoo: (flaunt) Butterfly Beats Sleeves Tattoo (Black)(Fresh) GFW
Mouth Accessory: (-Atypical-) Pencil (mouth)
Glasses: /artilleri/ gabriella glasses *black*

giovedì 30 agosto 2012

News and Sales: Jarsey Shore (GFW), flaunt, Sweet Intoxication, Reila Skins Dani & Co, Censored, EM, Av!sage, Mandala, Sigma and Logo

Jersey Shore Week Offerts
I remember you GFW items cost is less than 100L each
Hair: LOGO Alessandra (M)/Ebony NEW
Tatoo: (flaunt) Butterfly Beats Sleeves Tattoo (Black)(Fresh) 1GFW
Jumpsuit: ::Sweet Intoxication:: Ally Mesh Jumpsuit - Teal Glitter - GFW
Boots: Reila Skins  - Ankle Boots black/blue - GFW
Reila Skins 
Shape: Kirsten Shape - Dani & Co. - GFW
Dani & Co.
Bag: ::CENSORED::. Funny Cow_Bag (blue)
Sunglasses: ::EM:: Emily Sunglass Radiant Shine Version
Skin: ...::: AV!SAGE :::... Tizzy skin Ebony *Clvg*  -  Hope1 NEW
Nails And Right Bangles: [Mandala]Takara Bangle/Oriental Black&Silver Ring & Nail
Necklace And Left Bangles: ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Siren 

News and Sales: Jarsey Shore (GFW), Tenjin , Dani & Co., CHoOoZ, S&C, SuPerBia, Logo, Scrub, Tameless and PiCHi

Jersey Shore Week Offerts
I remember you GFW items cost is less than 100L eachTatoo: Tenjin Petite Coquine Tattoo  Fresh GFW
Shape: Kirsten Shape - Dani & Co. - GFW
Dani & Co.
Shoes: ::CHoOoZ:: "Zahara" {Zebra} Aqua  - GFW - In black it is Group Gift
Top and Pants: **S&C** Flare - Bitch 100L
Bangles: SuPerBia Accesories - Vanity - Illusion Bangles - Fat Pack - B NEW
Lashes: SuPerBia Accesories - Intense Lashes
Hair: LOGO Michelle II (L)/Ebony NEW
Skin: ...::: AV!SAGE :::... Tizzy skin Ebony  Hope2 w + w/o Cleavage NEW
Nails: ....::: Scrub :::... Break one's Back NEW
Pircing: Tameless Flower Power Belly Ring
Bag: .::PiCHi::. KOKO Clutch [jungle green/black] NEW
Necklace: (fd) Abstract Bird Necklace Hair Fair Free

mercoledì 29 agosto 2012

News and Sales: Jarsey Shore (GFW), lolita, [MC], Dani & Co, Iconic, Scrub, fame.less, WTG and News

Jersey Shore Week Offerts
I remember you GFW items cost is less than 100L each
Dress: lolita. Candy Romper-Strawberry - GFW

Skin: [MC] Beatrice Skin-C Cup Hot Rod Lip - GFW
Shape: Kirsten Shape - Dani & Co. - GFW
Dani & Co.
Bag: .::PiCHi::. KOKO Clutch [jungle green/black] NEW
Nails: ....::: Scrub :::... Break one's Back NEW
Leggins: fame.less lowcutleggins black
Necklace, Bangles and Earrings: +:+WTG+:+ **BamboO-B NEW

martedì 28 agosto 2012

News and Sales: Jarsey Shore (GFW), Luckie , Step inSide,RedMint, HolliPocket, Dani & Co, flaunt, WTG and CaTwA

Jersey Shore Week Offerts
I remember you GFW items cost is less than 100L each
Pants: UT(TL)Crown My Tushie Pants - Luckie Clothing Store - GFW
Skin: FRANCE FC tan 2 cleavage *Step inSide* - GFW
Swimsuit: *HolliPocket* Teeny Kinis-Dotty Berry 1 - GFW
Skin: Kirsten Shape - Dani & Co. - GFW
Tatoo: (flaunt) Skulls n Bones Leg Tattoo - GFW
Bangles, Necklace and Earrings: +:+WTG+:+ **BamboO-S* NEW
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Erika/Espresso NEW

Boots: (r)M~Shoe "Riven Boot"~No.02 (Mesh) NEW
Lashes: Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes

lunedì 27 agosto 2012

Gift: Chandelle and Censored Hunt

Date: 25, August - 25, September
All items sold for 20L
Hunt: Look for the Flower silver & black
Left Outfit
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Bella/Dark Browns/Espresso NEW
Shirt: - Chandelle - Dress Body - GBH #06 [Chandelle Design] HUNT
Shoes: - Chandelle - Shoe Cind - GBH #10 [Chandelle Design] HUNT
Pants: - Censored - Mila Pants - GBH #04 .::Censored::. HUNT
Glasses: Splash - Afro Glasses-frame Black-Pink&yelow
Necklace: Splash - starfish Necklace NEW
Nails: ...:::Scrub:::... Cracked Nails Colors
Bangles: ::B::U::B:: Bracelet pink - yellow NEW

Pircing: SuPerBia PierCinGs *SeT 13* NEW

Earrings: SuPerBia Accesories - Cabala Earrings - Yellow - NEW

Belt: SuPerBia Accesories - Brave Belt - Black

Right Outfit
Shoes: Sami Pumps- GBH #01 .::Censored::. HUNT
Dress: -Chandelle Dress Addie - GBH #07 [Chandelle Design] HUNT
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Erika/Espresso NEW
Bangles and Belt: +:+WTG+:+ August Group Gift
Earrings: +:+WTG+:+ **Mid Summer**  earpierce Mid Summer
Socks: *Sheer* Tights 20: Psych Black
Sunglasses: :: PM :: Chloe *Pret a Porter* Sunglasses

venerdì 24 agosto 2012

The Best! : Azul, Finesmith, Iconic

Wonderful Outfit ... some big brands together ... fantastic
For the large Photo
Dress: -AZUL- Annelisie/Champagne (MAL2012/MissBrasil)
Skin: .::WOW Skins::. Chiara NEW
Bangles: Finesmith Mohar Bracelet gold
Necklace and Earrings: *GF* Leaf Set

giovedì 23 agosto 2012

News in Stores: Hinako, L'exception Splash and Shock

Newsss Hinako, L'exception and Splash! 
Wonderful New Gift Skin by Shock!

Hair: :: HINAKO Hair::Adalia Blond NEW
Skirt: L`Exception- Pleated Ultra Mini- Vintage Wash NEW
Top: Splash - Tube Top sponge Mesh NEW
Hair Accessory: Splash - Bow headband Yelow  NEW
Watch: Splash - Grunge Watch Black NEW
Necklace and Earrings: Spash - starfish  Set NEW
Belt: Spash - Starfish Belt NEW
Bracelet: Spash - Vanity Bracelet  NEW
Skin: [ S H O C K ] Sandy Skin (Group Gift) 
Eyes: [ S H O C K ] Melancholia Eyes Green 
Shape: [ S H O C K ] Kisha Shape V1
Nails: [ S H O C K ] Tasty Fruits Nails  NEW
Shoes: J's Espadrille Laceup 
Lashes: Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes NEW

mercoledì 22 agosto 2012

News and Sales: Catwa Special Offert "Buy 1 Get 1"

WOOOOW Catwa Special Offert "Buy 1 Get 1"
This offer Starts from 21st Aug. & Ends on 30th Aug
Quetsa offerta ha termine il 30 Agosto
Ecco le istruzioni:
1 - Unirsi al gruppo CaTwA 
2 - Indossare il gruppo prima dell'acquisto!
2 - Acquista i capelli nella sezione New [Click sinistro, paga]. SOLO SEZIONE NOVITA!
3 - Scegli i prossimi capelli in una qualsiasi delle sezioni Capelli click sinistro e scegli cretits.
Questa offerta è valida solo per le acconciature!
Se si acquista 1 confezione singola capelli dalla nuova sezione, si guadagnano 250L di credito, se si acquistano capelli fatpack si guadagnano 1750L di credito.

lunedì 20 agosto 2012

News in Stores: L'Exception, Tameles, WTG, Superbia and Mandala

New Stunning Outfit: L'Exception, Tameles and WTG

Hair: Tameless Isabelle - Blacks and Whites NEW
Dress: L`Exception- Summer Dress- Black NEW
Necklace: +:+WTG+:+ **Mid Summer** necklace - Midnight Mania
Earrings: +:+WTG+:+ **Mid Summer**  earpierce -  Mini Mania
Bangles: +:+WTG+:+ **Mid Summer** bangle NEW
Hair Band: SuPerBia Accesorios - Leather Flower HeadBand
Nails: [MANDALA]TAKARA  Nail&Ring

sabato 18 agosto 2012

News in Stores: AVALE, Splash, Tameless, J's and Mandala

I Love this Outfit!
Shirt: .:AVALE:.  Jackie [Mesh] .White. NEW
Skirt: Splash - Jeans Black Mini Skirt Mesh- NEW
Hair: Tameless Hair Pearl 
Shoes: J's Lace Ribbon Sandals (Black)
Nails and Bangles: [Mandala]Takara Bangle/Oriental Black&Silver Ring & Nail

News and Sales: Jarsey Shore (GFW), Splash, HolliPocket, [trs] , Scrub, WTG, CaTwA, Pichi and Pink Ribbon Fair 2012

Jersey Shore Super Promotions - GFW
Necklace: Splash - Stone Pink Necklace NEW
Swimsuit: *HolliPocket* Teeny Kinis-Set Pink-Blue GFW
Shirt: [trs] Grandpa Cardigan *MESH* - Teal GFW
Nails: ...::: Scrub :::...Nails short typed NEW
Glasses: ShadZ - PRF Exclu. - Classic Pink Ribbon
Pircing: in -> +:+WTG+:+ August Group Gift 2012 (female) Group Gift
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Olivia/Espresso NEW
Shoes: .::PiCHi::. ELLA Flat Sandals [turquoise] NEW

giovedì 16 agosto 2012

News and Sales: Jarsey Shore (GFW), Logo, Tameless, Kennedy's, [MC], Scrub, Truth and [strip'd]

Jersey Shore Super Promotions - GFW
Hair: LOGO Kaitlyn (M)/Copper NEW

Lashes: Tameless Lashes 16 
Necklace and Ring: Kennedy's "Butterfly Necklace & Ring GFW Jersey Shore 
Skin: [MC] GFW Martina Skin A-Cup GFW Jersey Shore 
Dress: :[strip'd]: Belladonna [Black] GFW Jersey Shore 
Nails: ...::Scrub:::.. Supreme Nails
Hair Flower: >TRUTH< Antie Flower - Blue

News and Sales: Jarsey Shore (GFW), Step inSide, Tameless, Tenjin, Sassy and WTG

Jersey Shore Super Promotions
Skin: FIETE SYSP tan *Step inSide* GFW Jersey Shore 

Hair: Tameless Delilah - Blacks and Whites NEW
Tatoo: Tenjin Violet Hill Tattoo Faded 45L GFW Jersey Shore 
Dress: ~Sassy!~ Infatuation dress - leopard 85L GFW Jersey Shore 
Belt and Bangle: +:+WTG+:+ August Group Gift 2012 (female) - Group Gift
Necklace: +:+WTG+:+ August Group Gift 2012 (unisex) blogger's BOX - Group Gift

martedì 14 agosto 2012

News in Stores: Pichi, RedMint, WTG, LavandaChic, Gallant , EM, Pink Ribbon and Vanity Fair 2012

News by Pichi, RedMint, WTG and LavandaChic
Necklace: +:+WTG+:+ **Sails-S**  necklace NEW
Earrings: +:+WTG+:+ **Sails-S**  ear pierce(L) NEW
Hair: (r)M ~ Hair(Mesh) No.04 ~ Ash Brown (Pinch Black) NEW
Shape: [ Gallant ] Jane Shape Pink Ribbon
Teeth: [ Gallant ] Teeth Jane Pink Ribbon
Skin: ::EM:: Zoe Skin Fair Blue Shadow NJ Vanity Fair
Bag: painter bag hand Vanity Fair
Shoes:.::PiCHi::. ELLA Flat Sandals [tan] NEW
Pants: .::PiCHi::. KIM Leggings [white] Medium NEW
Shirt: LavandaChic* Cardigan off Shoulder  with Top(Yellow) M NEW

giovedì 9 agosto 2012

Gift: Baiastice, Lavandachic, WTG, Censored, Bubblefish, Coll, Scrub, Tameless, Pink Ribbon Fair, PRF, Vintage Fair and Gifts

Beautiful Gifts :)
Bag: LavandaChic*Everyday bag D NEW
Bangles: +:+WTG+:+ August Group Gift 2012 (female) blogger's BOX - GIFT
Necklace: +:+WTG+:+ August Group Gift 2012 (unisex) blogger's BOX GIFT
Pants: *Bubblefish* Pink Ribbon Capri's - GIFT
Skin: .::CENSORED::. Doll Skin Group Gift - GIFT
Pircing: .:CoLL:. Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt Gift {Boxed} - GIFT
Shirt: Baiastice_Kira Mesh Lace Sweater-black-size M - GIFT
Nails: ...::: Scrub :::... Geisha - Vintage Fair
Hair: Tameless Jess - Platinum - GIFT

mercoledì 8 agosto 2012

News in Stores: Pink Ribbon, Vanity Fair, Limited Bazaar Euphoria, WTG, Tameless , WOW Skins, L`Exception, LavandaChic and Scrub

Wonderful Pink Ribbon and Vanity Fair Items 
and Super Super jewelry by WTG in Limited Bazaar Euphoria
I would like to remind all fashionistas 

three great events still in progress

Bangles: +:+WTG+:+ **BamboO** bangles - Limited Bazaar Euphoria
Necklace and earrings: +:+WTG+:+ **BamboO** choker-earpierces - Limited Bazaar Euphoria
Eyes Tatoo: [White~Widow - Face Tattoo] Lierre Orange/Pink w/eyeshadows - Pink Ribbon
Hair: Tameless Vivian - Blondes - Vanity Fair
Skin: .::WOW Skins::. Chiara tan 01 CL - Vanity Fair
Dress: L`Exception- Penelope Peplum (Coral) MESH (L) - NEW
Bag: LavandaChic*Everyday bag B - NEW
Nails: ...::: Scrub :::...Nails short typed - Vanity Fair

martedì 7 agosto 2012

News in Stores: SuPerBia, Angelic Lefevre, EM, PiCHi , Hinako , Exclusivy, Scrub , Vanity Fair, Pink Ribbon Fair and Vintage Fair

News News News and Vintage, Pink Ribbon and Vanity Fair!!!

Lashes: SuPerBia Accesories - Intense Lashes
Top, Socks and Gloves: in -> [Ribbon Pink]dress *Angelic Lefevre * PRF
Skin: ::EM:: Zoe  Fair Skin Vanity Fashionista Vanity Fair
Shoes: ..::Energie::.. Pink Sugar PRF
Pants: .::PiCHi::. LITA Floral Shorts [pink] M NEW
Hair: :: Hinako Hair:: JK!!(Clip) NEW
Shape: Exclusivy- Shape Baby NEW
Nails: ...::: Scrub :::... Geisha Vintage Fair
Foulard: ...::: Scrub :::... Sixty Foulard Vintage Fair