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News in Stores: Pink Ribbon Fair, SuPerBia, [MC] , Intrepid and Envious

The Pink Ribbon Fair
August 4th to 25th, 2012

The Pink Ribbon Fair in collaboration with Relay For Life of Second Life.
Finding the cure starts with hope
Part of the proceeds of these sales will go to charity for medical research against cancer.
Hasten many fashionistas! Expect you too many gifts and hunt.
Il Pink Ribbon fair in collaborazione con Relay For Life of Second Life.
Tovare la cura comincia con la speranza
Parte del ricavato andrà in beneficienza per la ricerca contro il cancro.
Modaiole accorrete numerose! Vi aspettano anche numerosi regali e Hunt.

Pircing: SuPerBia PierCinGs *SeT 13* Pink Ribbon 2012
Nose Pircing: SuPerBia PierCinGs *SpiRaL NoSe* PinK (Gift) Pink Ribbon 2012
Hair: [MC] PRF Hair Light Pink Pink Ribbon 2012
Shape: [MC] Faena Shape-copy/mod/no trans BONUS Shape Pink Ribbon 2012
Skin: [MC] Linnea PRF D-Cup Ribbon Lip Gloss-Liner Pink Ribbon 2012
Body: Intrepid-Diamonds In Pink 1Pc Hunt Pink Ribbon 2012
Pants, Bands, Handtips, and Shoes: in -> ::Envious:: Awareness *exclusive* Pink Ribbon 2012
Bangles and Collar: in -> ::Envious:: Illegal Love *Hunt Gift* Pink Ribbon 2012

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