giovedì 26 luglio 2012

News in Stores: Pink Ribbon Fair, (red)Mint, Z.S, [MC], S&C and HINAKO

The Pink Ribbon Fair
August 4th to 25th, 2012

Hair: (r)M ~ Hair(Mesh) No.05 ~ Black NEW
Necklace: :Z.S: iron cross necklace pink (Hunt Item) Pink Ribbon Fair 2012
Skin and Shape: [MC] Faena Skin A-Cup-Gloss-Light Shadow Pink Ribbon Fair 2012
Dress: **S&C** Romper - Pink Ribbon L Pink Ribbon 2012 Pink Ribbon Fair 2012
Nose Accessory: ::HINAKO NEW osyare subomi knit Red(Nose)
Bag: ::HINAKO subomi BAG(LONG**) 

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